You have children and you like to do something with them in the region? The children should be desirable and you as parents want to feel good and relaxed?


Then you are right at our house!


Among our unique landscape, far away from any traffic, children can explore the nature. Whether swimming in the lake, playing on the playground or just frolicking in the green meadow. Everything will be an experience for the offspring.



Since mid-2010 we are also certified according to the following guidelines of DEHOGA:

To design a child- and family friendly living environment, it´s important that the offers of hotels and restaurants are oriented on the needs of children and families. Therefore runs the Bavarian State Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs, Family and Women (StMAS) in collaboration with the Bavarian Hotel- and Catering Association DEHOGA Bavarian e.v. (BHG) and the Social Association VdK Bavarian e.v. (VdK) the campaign"children- and family friendly hotel and catering business".

In context of the campaign, concerns get awarded, which are up to the needs of families with children in a special way. Requirement for the labeling process of the seal of quality is a family oriented performance and a site inspection, which ensures that the hotel meets the relevant quality criteria.